PAM Modules

Computer Smiths is experienced in the design, implementation, and production of PAM modules for various tasks. Custom solutions for custom problems. Our favourite modules are provided here free of charge.

The PAM infrastructure that is provided with Solaris provides significant abilities to change the way authentication is performed. Computer Smiths is pleased to provide, for use the following PAM modules:

PAM_login_limit - locks an account after a number of incorect login attempts.
PAM_remote_hosts - provides TCP wrappers style control, but at the PAM level, so we also have control on user/host/service.
PAM_login_times - provides control over login times for users. Configurable on a 15 minute interval.
PAM_history - checking and controlling password re-use.
PAM_chroot - allows any account to be chrooted.
PAM_null - debugging your PAM stacks.

Version 1.06 is now available. It includes an updated manual.

There is a FAQ available.

For further information please contact Computer Smiths at